Want to stop feeling crappy about yourself every time you eat?

Tired of battling with food-related fear and guilt?

Stuck on a constant rollercoaster ride with your weight?

Sick of not feeling your best due to poor lifestyle choices?

Confused about what the heck to eat in the first place?

You don’t have to continue to torture yourself with restrictive diets, be consumed with worries about food and your weight, or be constantly trying to “get back on track.”

There’s a MUCH better way!

My name is Tina and it is my passion to help clients end their struggles with their health, habits and food.  I’ll guide you to give up dieting once and for all, repair your relationship with food, improve your habits and create a healthy, balanced lifestyle that you’ll LOVE!

Your Healthiest Life
Any nutritional protocol that cuts out food groups completely or is overly restrictive won’t last long-term. I firmly believe that moderation and balance are the keys for long-lasting health and wellness! A balanced approach not only ensures you maintain a healthy relationship with food, but also allows you to reach your goals in a sustainable and enjoyable way!

The Nourished Wellness Approach: Nourish your body from the inside out
I believe that health is all-encompassing. Factors like sleep, stress, food, exercise, relationships, lifestyle habits, thought life and more, all play an important role in one’s overall health. All of these areas need to be addressed and nourished to create true health and wellness.

Gain freedom and flexibility with food.
What’s with the restrictive diets, anxiety over what to eat and the food police constantly taking up space in your head?! Food should not be a source of stress! Food is not your friend, or your enemy, it’s just food! So let’s end the battle, shall we?

Become a “normal” eater. No more restricting, binging or food guilt!
Once we’ve said goodbye to the restrictive diets and diet rules, I’ll guide you to turn inward and learn to listen to your body’s signals (since our bodies are way smarter than any diet plan out there!). You’ll learn which foods you actually enjoy, and eat them without guilt, as you establish a healthy relationship with food and embrace balance!

Learn my “Trim Techniques.”
While there are no “quick fixes” to sustainable weight loss, there are simple techniques that you can implement into your life that will drastically change the way you think, feel and act around food. I’ll teach you my tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy weight while still enjoying the foods you love.

Get healthier in a BALANCED and SUSTAINABLE way,
while still enjoying the foods you love!

As your coach I’ll guide you to make small, sustainable lifestyle changes that will set you up for long-term health and happiness.  


1:1 Coaching is the key to…
*Ditch the restrictive diets
*Challenge the “food police” and change your thoughts and behaviors around food
*Gain freedom and flexibility with food
*Create healthy habits that are easy to maintain so you can feel your best long-term!

Having over 10 years of experience helping clients overcome their struggles with health, food and weight, I know what works, and together we will create a custom plan that will work for YOU!

Let’s get started, shall we?