Health & Lifestyle Overhaul Checklist!

Transform Your Health & Lifestyle!

Today I’m sharing a rundown of everything I did to completely overhaul my health and build the healthy lifestyle I now enjoy! I’ve compiled this list over the years of my training, research and experience as a Holistic Health Coach. I guide my clients through this process, and of course, as each individual is unique, the protocols are tailored to meet specific health concerns and goals (ie: managing a health condition, healing the gut, balancing hormones, etc.). While there are more specifics to be considered, this is a great checklist to move you towards better health and an improved overall lifestyle!

Make no mistake, this is not meant to be an overnight process. Change does not need to happen all at once. In fact, this took me YEARS, but I simply focused on ONE area at a time and kept going down the list. So please don’t allow overwhelm to stop you from getting started. Start with what feels most doable to you – maybe that’s getting more sleep, drinking more water, or adding in one new vegetable this week.

And while I am fully aware that not everyone has the same resources or access to healthier options, I encourage you to do what YOU can. Let go of all-or-nothing thinking and realize that ANY change you make to support your health is progress worth celebrating!

Remember, you and your body are on the same team and share the same goal. When you do your part to support your body by building a strong, healthy foundation, you can trust that your body will do the rest. This is what “Nourished Wellness” is all about! 

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Hunger Fullness scale (when & how much to eat)

The Hunger / Fullness scale helps us tune into our body’s signals to determine when and how much to eat. It gives us a better understanding of our hunger/fullness cues and can help guide us to better honor those cues.

On this scale, 1= ravenous, 5= neutral, 10=stuffed/sick (think of a Thanksgiving kind of full 🦃). Ideally, we want to aim to eat when we are at around a 3 (physically hungry) and stop when are at a 7-8 (politely full and satisfied).

I encourage you to start paying attention to what each of these numbers feels like in your body. What does ravenous feel like for you? What does stuffed feel like for you? 

The key is to stay away from the extremes on either end because if we wait until we are ravenous to eat, chances are we will overeat. So we want to find our sweet spot and avoid getting overly hungry or overly full.

The more you get to know your hunger and learn about your appetite, the easier it will be to find a way of eating that will best fuel and satisfy you. Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

Am I hungriest in the morning or in the evening?

Do I prefer to have three substantial meals a day or do I like to graze on smaller meals throughout the day? 

What time of day do I feel most snacky? 

What prompts me to eat even when I’m not hungry? (Emotions like stress/boredom, habit, seeing others eat, etc).

Do I tend to eat past fullness, and if so, why? (Distracted, overly hungry before eating, etc).

For example, if you come to realize that your hunger is strongest in the morning, you can then make your breakfast more substantial and perhaps have a lighter meal for dinner.

Or let’s say you notice that you tend to overeat at dinner because you’re distracted watching TV. You can make an effort to turn off distractions and eat more mindfully so you are better able to honor your fullness levels.

PS. you are human, no one is perfect, and you’re not going to always stay within the 3-8 range. We all eat past fullness sometimes and we all eat for reasons other than physical hunger sometimes and that’s okay! Simply honor your hunger and fullness levels as best as you can. 🙏🏼

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“I know what to do, but I don’t do it…”

We all have a pretty good idea of how we can improve our lifestyles. There is certainly no lack of information available to us. You know it’s healthy to eat fruits & veggies, exercise, drink plenty of water, get adequate sleep and manage stress. Oftentimes, it’s not that we don’t know what to do, but that we struggle with actually doing it!

Information is only helpful if it is implemented. A plan only works if it is executed. So why don’t we do the things we know we “should?”

Well, you are always going to feel resistance when trying to change your habits. Your brain likes what’s comfortable & familiar. It prefers what’s easy. So plowing through that initial resistance can be tough. Furthermore, you’re not going to always feel motivated. Motivation fluctuates and willpower is limited, so relying on these for lasting change isn’t effective.

This combination of high resistance & low motivation can leave you feeling discouraged, frustrated & ready to give up — and that’s where support & accountability comes in. Having someone to check-in with can be the difference between giving up and reaching your goals.Knowing there is someone in your corner to guide you, support you and cheer you on will help keep you on track and moving towards your goals!

Accountability keeps you moving forward even when motivation is lacking and keeps you consistent & committed to your goals.

Having someone who is rooting for you not only makes it easier to reach your goals, but also makes the journey more enjoyable!

If you’re tired of trying to make lifestyle changes and not sticking with them and know that you could use someone to support you & hold you accountable, I’m here to help! ✨Try a Virtual Health Coaching session for Free >> Click here!


What can you expect from working with a Health Coach?

Here are just some of the benefits you can expect from working with a Health Coach:

•You feel less confused about what the heck to eat. There is a ton of conflicting nutritional information out there. It’s overwhelming, really. However, health is not one-size-fits-all and all of these trendy dietary approaches are not tailored to your unique needs. A Health Coach will help you navigate all the nutritional noise and nail down an approach that works best for you and your body.

•Your energy increases. 3pm slump? Irregular sleep patterns?  A Health Coach will help you optimize your nutrition for steady energy throughout the day and create an evening routine for stellar sleep.

• You handle stress like a boss & become a self-care pro. It’s no secret that stress is a serious detriment to one’s health. By learning tools to manage and alleviate stress, and making self-care a priority, you’ll improve your health, your relationships and feel happier overall.

•You save $ on medical bills. Taking ownership of your health can truly pay off down the road. Whether you’re managing an existing health condition or taking proactive preventative measures, knowing which foods boost immunity and reduce inflammation can be crucial for restoring and maintaining good health. I cannot tell you how many of my clients’ doctors have been impressed by dramatically improved test results.

Your relationship with food improves. Do you have funky feelings about food? Maybe you have an “all-or-nothing” mentality, fluctuating between deprivation and overindulgence. Or maybe you struggle with food guilt. A Health Coach will help you navigate food choices in a balanced and sustainable way. Restrictive diets go out the window as you embrace flexibility with food, so can eat foods you love, while still moving towards your health goals.

•You befriend your body. Your body is communicating with you constantly via subtle cues and symptoms, but it’s likely that you’re missing the messages. Learning how to tune in to your body’s signals will help you make better choices and support your health long-term.

•You become more consistent & build better habits. Do you constantly vow to make changes, but find yourself falling off the wagon after a few short weeks? Making changes to your lifestyle isn’t easy, and you’re not always going to feel motivated. A Health Coach will hold you accountable and support you throughout your journey. Having a Health Coach can be the difference between throwing in the towel and achieving your goals.

• You become inspo for your loved ones. When people notice how much better you feel from the positive changes you’ve made to your lifestyle, they will be inspired to follow suit. And if you’re the chef of your home, incorporating healthier foods will benefit your entire family.

• You feel confident AF! As you work with your Health Coach to create new healthy habits, you will gain trust and confidence in yourself to make choices that serve you. Realizing that you have the power to change your health can transform the way you approach your life!

Your health is EVERYTHING and having personalized attention, guidance, accountability and support from a Health Coach are so beneficial in creating a healthier you.

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