mindful eating tip: SLOW DOWN

Our culture glorifies speed. We move at the speed of light. Work, commute, scroll, eat, sleep. We are constantly wound up and rarely take the time to check in with ourselves, making it difficult to eat mindfully. How often do you find yourself inhaling lunch at your desk while answering emails in-between meetings? It takes time for your stomach to send a signal to your brain that it’s had enough, so if you’re eating too quickly, it may be difficult for you to realize you’re full, let alone for your body to register that you’ve eaten!

If you’ve ever been to a European country, I’m sure you’ve noticed the vast difference in their pace, especially around mealtime. They focus on pleasure by enjoying long meals in the company of others. They don’t just rely on food to fill them up, but on the environment, the conversation and the scenery. They create an experience when they dine, making the meal itself so much more satisfying.

Those who eat quickly and mindlessly tend to feel unsatisfied after a meal, they may overeat and may experience digestive troubles. To remedy this, it’s extremely helpful to practice eating SLOWLY. Here are some tips and suggestions to help:

S L O W   D O W N

*Eat sitting down, not while hovering over the fridge or standing up at the counter.

*Eat in a relaxed state: when we are stressed or upset, our digestion is not working at its best. Take a deep breath before your meal and try your best to eat when you are calm.

*Make mealtime more enjoyable: pray before the meal, light candles at the table, use nice dinnerware, play relaxing music in the background and if dining with others, enjoy the conversation. Create an ambiance and an experience.

*Chew well and make it a point to put down your fork between bites. This will help with digestion and slow down your eating.

*Savor each bite: turn away from any distractions and focus solely on the meal in front of you. Even if you only have ten minutes to eat, aim to make it an enjoyable ten minutes.

Check-in: How can you slow down a bit more, specifically when it comes to eating? What are some ways you can make mealtime a more enjoyable experience?

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