Sustainability {Part 2}

When we finally decide to ditch the rigid diets and pursue a more sustainable healthy lifestyle, there is a lot of fear involved. Fear of letting go of what you know, fear of having to make choices on your own without a plan telling you what to do, fear of weight gain and fear of making mistakes. When we’ve placed our trust outside of ourselves for so long, it’s an uneasy journey of navigating our way back to trusting our own best judgment. 🙌🏼

While exchanging your strict diet for a more balanced approach may feel like you’re giving up or letting yourself go, you’re not letting yourself go if you had to kill yourself to get there in the first place.

Will you gain weight? Perhaps. But what is it costing you to continue to diet? Is it costing you enjoyment of food? Variety of food? Your social life? Your health? Be honest with yourself. Can you count your calories and follow a specific diet plan for the rest of your life? Perhaps you could, but do you really want to? What will you gain by letting go? Chances are you’ll gain peace of mind and enjoy your life more.

Keep in mind, letting go of harsh dieting does not equal a food free-for-all. 😂 Rather it’s about moving away from deprivation and moving towards healthy balance and mindful discipline. 🙏🏼

Be patient with yourself as you learn through trial and error. It takes time to become receptive to your body’s signals, but know that you are making the best decision for your long-term health and happiness.

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