Be a conscious consumer

I wish we could simply trust the foods placed on the shelves of our supermarkets, but sadly, there is a lot of deception within the food industry and so we must be conscious consumers. 

Food companies are constantly adjusting their marketing to align with the values of consumers, and with the increased interest in health and wellness, you’ll notice plenty of health claims on packaging. But just because a product claims to be to “all-natural” or “healthy” doesn’t mean it is. Be a detective and read the nutrition labels. Do you recognize the ingredients?

The food industry is a business driven by sales, so you can’t rely on it to keep you healthy. Each of us is responsible for our own bodies. And while we ALL have to rely on processed foods and NOTHING is perfect, you can improve the quality of your food with some simple swaps. You don’t have to sacrifice your favorite foods or snacks; simply opt for an equally tasty version made from higher-quality wholesome ingredients.

Check my “Food shopping” highlights on Instagram for more info on how to navigate the grocery stores and find healthier alternatives for your favorite foods. I also go over this in  more detail in my “Nourished For Life” e-book.

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