5 easy ways to avoid holiday weight gain

With the busyness of the holiday season, it’s easy for your health and fitness goals to get placed on the back burner. Here are some easy tips for staying healthy, happy and fit during the holiday season so you’ll be ahead of the game come the New Year!

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have a food strategy  – with all the holiday parties, you’ll find an abundance of food and sweet treats everywhere! You can avoid holiday weight gain without having to chew on broccoli while everyone else enjoys the meal. Play it smart at holiday dinners and choose the best and leave the rest. Pick your favorite foods that you know you’ll enjoy the most, or select the foods that look most appetizing to you, and leave the rest. Do you want a biscuit with your meal or another glass of wine? Would you prefer to have Christmas cookies or hot chocolate for dessert? This simple tool of “picking and choosing your battles” will allow you to enjoy your absolute favorite holiday foods.

However, if you’re the type that will feel deprived by picking one food over the other, than I suggest you “eat all, but eat small.” Have a few bites of everything that you want, and stop when you’re full (not stuffed like Santa). By doing so, you’ll feel satisfied that you were able to try all of the foods that you wanted, but not guilty for completely going off the rail.

give up the “I already blew it” mentality – ok, so you ate three cookies, but that doesn’t mean you should polish off the entire bag of cookies! Those three cookies won’t affect your weight, but eating the whole bag certainly might! If you’ve overindulged and are feeling guilty, forgive yourself and then MOVE ON! Enjoying delicious foods should never cause guilt, but it’s when you give up on yourself and keep the damage going that will leave you feeling not so great. So, put the cookie jar down and walk away!

stay active – go for a jog, get a weight training session in, take a spin class – the holiday season is the perfect time kick up your normal workout regime. It will help you blow off the stress that can surround the holidays, boost your mood and burn some extra calories!

take care of yourself – the holidays are often a very busy and stressful time, so it’s important to take extra good care of yourself. Get a massage, take a yoga class, spend some quiet time reading a book – make sure you do things that will keep you happy and healthy this season.

focus on the reason for the season – put the food, parties and gifts aside, and remember what truly matters this time of year: spending quality time with your friends and loved ones and creating incredible memories that will forever nourish your soul.

For more tips on how to eat healthy during holidays and dinner parties, check out this post.

Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season!

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