a fresh start

Hi there! My name is Tina. I am the founder of Nourished Wellness, a certified Health Coach, happiness and wellness guru, fitness enthusiast and aspiring author and motivational speaker. Yes, I wear many different hats.

This is not my first go at blogging (I use to blog at Healthy Made Easy), but a few detours in life indicated that it was not the right time for me to be writing, so I put my little bloggy on hold. A lot has happened in the past few years. I’ve weathered quite a few storms, but to my benefit, they have forced me to grow and develop into a stronger version of myself with a far better grasp of who I am. This is why I am choosing to start fresh.

Ah, there is nothing quite like starting with a clean slate, especially at the very beginning of a new week and a new month as well! Hello, July 1st!


While I may have taken a hiatus from blogging, I have certainly been checking up regularly on my favorite bloggers…aka being a stalker. I didn’t exactly have intentions of blogging again, but there has been this nagging little voice that has been pestering me for quite some time now. It’s been telling me that I have a story to tell, and that my story will help inspire others. So, here I am with lots to share!

What you can expect: Inspiration, motivation, thought-provoking questions, random daily happenings with a few recipes and fitness posts sprinkled in. I will let things unfold as they will. Join me, won’t you?

I’m excited to share my knowledge and passion for healthy and happy living with you, so please stop by often! 🙂

Oh, and please bear with me as I get things neat and tidy around here.

“Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” – Buddha

Monday motivation: Each day is a fresh start. A new opportunity to renew your life. There is no better time than right now. Today, choose to let go of the past disappointments that have been weighing you down and look towards the bright future that lies ahead.