5 tips to get the most out of your morning

The way you spend your morning sets the tone for rest of your day. If you are frantically rushing around in the morning or dreading the tasks ahead of you, that energy will stay with you throughout your day. So before you leap out of bed, read these 5 tips to get the most out of your morning and start your day on the right foot!

1. Wake up to your favorite tunes. Instead of waking up to the jarring-sounds of a typical alarm, make one of your favorite up-beat songs your alarm. It will be a much more pleasant way to wake up and even curse your alarm a little less.

2. Express gratitude. Once you’ve hit the snooze button enough times and are ready to jump (or crawl) out of bed, take a moment here to express gratitude for a new day and all the wonderful things this day will bring and set your intention for the day.

You cannot be grateful and unhappy
at the same time.

3. Chug water! Your body has been resting for several hours and will need to hydrate, so have a glass of water upon waking. For an extra boost, have warm water with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. The warm water gently wakes up your system and the fresh lemon juice is alkalizing to your body and gets your liver going. Warm water + fresh lemon juice is my go-to morning cocktail. 😉

4. Get moving! I get it; we aren’t all morning-people, but try to do a little something to get your blood flowing first thing in the morning. Whether it be a strength training session, going for a run, doing yoga or some simple stretching, movement = energy.

5. Meditate. If your day is anything like mine, it will be pretty non-stop until it’s time for bed. Work, errands, tasks, to-do lists – there is always something that needs to get done. It is very easy to get consumed in the day-to-day tasks of life and to allow yourself and your needs to fall to the bottom of the list. Morning is the perfect opportunity to make some time for YOU before the day begins. Even if it is just for 5-10 minutes, find somewhere quiet to sit, listen to calming music or a guided meditation and “zen out.” You will feel a sense a calm that you can carry with you the rest of the day.


What is your morning routine like?

Be well,