Health & Lifestyle Overhaul Checklist!

Transform Your Health & Lifestyle!

Today I’m sharing a rundown of everything I did to completely overhaul my health and build the healthy lifestyle I now enjoy! I’ve compiled this list over the years of my training, research and experience as a Holistic Health Coach. I guide my clients through this process, and of course, as each individual is unique, the protocols are tailored to meet specific health concerns and goals (ie: managing a health condition, healing the gut, balancing hormones, etc.). While there are more specifics to be considered, this is a great checklist to move you towards better health and an improved overall lifestyle!

Make no mistake, this is not meant to be an overnight process. Change does not need to happen all at once. In fact, this took me YEARS, but I simply focused on ONE area at a time and kept going down the list. So please don’t allow overwhelm to stop you from getting started. Start with what feels most doable to you – maybe that’s getting more sleep, drinking more water, or adding in one new vegetable this week.

And while I am fully aware that not everyone has the same resources or access to healthier options, I encourage you to do what YOU can. Let go of all-or-nothing thinking and realize that ANY change you make to support your health is progress worth celebrating!

Remember, you and your body are on the same team and share the same goal. When you do your part to support your body by building a strong, healthy foundation, you can trust that your body will do the rest. This is what “Nourished Wellness” is all about! 

Choose ONE thing ⬆ that you’d like to start working on! And if you’d like 1:1 support & guidance on your journey to create a healthier lifestyle, click HERE to schedule a free Virtual Health Coaching consultation.


Building a balanced meal

While Keto seems to be all the rage right now, I find that eliminating or severely reducing any one food group not only makes that particular diet difficult to sustain long-term, but can also complicate your relationship with food. Telling yourself you can’t have something often increases your cravings for a particular food, and sets you up for a “pass” or “fail” test, which can lead to feelings of guilt.

There is a ton of conflicting and confusing nutritional information leaving many unsure of which direction to take. I find that staying away from any extremes is the safest place to land. 🙏🏼 Balanced diets that include each food group, such as the Mediterranean way of eating, have been proven to be beneficial for health & longevity.

Balanced meals that include Protein + Complex Carbs + Fiber + Heart-healthy Fats will keep your body nourished, full & fueled. Each of these plays an important role in your health:
→Fiber keeps you full and keeps your digestive system healthy
→Protein aids in muscle and tissue building & repair
→Carbs are your body’s main source of energy
→Fats aid in the absorption of nutrients, hormone production and cell growth

Build a balanced meal with a selection from each category:
✔Proteins – eggs, meat, poultry, seafood, tofu, beans & legumes, yogurt, etc.
✔Carbs – whole grain bread, rice, quinoa, pasta, oatmeal, etc.
✔Fiber – fruits & veggies!
✔Fats – olive oil, avocado, nuts, seeds, nut butters, etc.
✔Flavor – spices, fresh herbs & condiments to make the meal delicious & satisfying
This is a basic list that you can build upon based on your preferences and personal needs.

Pass on the trendy extreme diets and reap the benefits of #balance


What’s the best diet to follow?

“What’s the best diet to follow?”

“What’s the best way of eating?”

I completely understand why I’m asked this so often.


Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Gluten-free… there is an overwhelming amount of contradicting information and many become paralyzed, not knowing what to eat.

As a holistic health coach, I believe in bio-individuality. 

Each of us are unique and our bodies have different needs.

Therefore, I work backwards and start with YOU.

Here is an example of some questions I ask my clients:

~What foods do YOU enjoy?

~What way of eating makes YOU feel your best?

~What way of eating would YOU be able stick to longterm?

Rather than forcing yourself to follow the rigid rules of a particular protocol, start with your body and build from there.

If you’re currently feeling confused by all the nutritional noise out there, I encourage you to take a step back, take a deep breath & get back to the basics of YOUR body.⁣

I’m always here to help! 

Email me with any questions you may have.


full vs. satisfied

Full vs Satisfied

There is a big difference between being physically full vs. satisfied.

Do you find yourself wanting a little something more after your meal, despite being full? It could be because what you ate didn’t satisfy you.  When you eat a meal that “hits the spot,” you’ll leave the table feeling content.

Ways to increase satisfaction of your meal
*Make it pretty: make your meal colorful and visually appetizing.

*Please your palate: aim to incorporate different flavors, textures and temperatures to your plate to keep your taste buds interested.

*Honor your cravings: if you’re in the mood for a warm, hearty soup for lunch, but have a salad instead, you might feel physically full, but not necessarily satisfied. So when it comes time to eat, do your best to figure out what you are truly craving and what will be most satisfying to you in that moment.

It’s helpful to understand into your food preferences and tune into your cravings. By listening to your body, you’ll gain a better sense of which foods you find most satiating, and those that leave you craving more.

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