Life can be complicated, but nutrition doesn’t have to be.

Nourished Wellness helps to simplify the confusing world of nutrition and empowers you to create new habits that will lead to a healthier and happier you!

My name is Tina and it is my passion to help others live healthier lives. Whether your goal is weight loss, healing, prevention, or health maintenance, you will be equipped with the tools to get healthier, feel happier and more confident. 

Nourished Wellness means:
*Improving your relationship with food
*Establishing habits that serve your health & well-being
*Making choices that honor your physical, mental and emotional health
*Choosing sustainable balance over rigid restriction and deprivation diets

Your Healthiest Life
I firmly believe that moderation and balance are the keys for long-lasting health and wellness! A balanced approach not only ensures you maintain a healthy relationship with food, but also allows you to reach your goals in a sustainable and enjoyable way!

The Approach:

Nourish your body from the inside out
I believe that health is all-encompassing. Factors like sleep, stress, food, exercise, relationships, lifestyle habits, thought life and more, all play an important role in one’s overall health. All of these areas need to be addressed and nourished to create true health and wellness.


You’ll Gain:
*Freedom from restrictive diets and food guilt
*Confidence as you challenge and change your thoughts and behaviors around food
*Freedom and flexibility with food
*Healthy new habits that are easy to maintain so you can feel your best long-term

As your coach I’ll guide you to make small, sustainable lifestyle changes that will set you up for long-term health and happiness. I have over ten years of experience helping clients overcome their health struggles, and I want to do the same for you.

Let’s get started, shall we?