december challenge – nourished with kindness

Happy December!

This is my favorite time of the year! There is an exciting energy during the holidays that I just love! My holiday decorations are up, my Pandora Christmas radio station is on repeat, and I’ve already completed a majority of my holiday gift shopping. Christmas movies, hot chocolate, holiday lights – I love it all! Plus, everyone seems to be in a good mood – dare I say jolly?

To keep the positive energy going, I have a little December challenge for you! Each day this month, make an effort to do one kind thing for someone else. Let someone go ahead of you in line when holiday shopping. Hold the door open for someone. Go out of your way to help a co-worker. Give a stranger a compliment. Bake holiday treats for your new neighbors. Donate toys to a local children’s hospital. No matter how big or small, a kind action can turn someone’s whole day around – and yours too! There is no better feeling than making someone else smile! Spread joy this holiday season and hopefully your kind actions will motivate others to do the same!

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Daily nourishment: What you focus on, you become. Keep your mind fixed on positivity.

Wellness chat: What was the kindest thing a stranger has done for you? What was the nicest thing you’ve done for a stranger?

An elderly woman once asked me if I could help her cross the street. Arm in arm, I made sure she safely crossed to the other side. She was absolutely adorable and it made my day to help her.

Be well šŸ™‚